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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best all round tea-house hike in Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail; the new Annapurna Circuit. No camping needed.

Manaslu Trek 6 day itinerary

Wondering how many days you can reduce a Manaslu Trek down to? Apparently six, and that is all the way from before Arughat to Besi Sahar. Now this is highly dependent on your reaction to the high altitude, so we here at this website don’t recommend doing the Manaslu Trek at this speed. The person in questions, K, has this to say:

Thanks for the advice and inspiration! I just finished running around Manaslu. In the end I managed to get a permit just for myself and went solo with a very minimalistic pack. It took six days from Arughat to Besi Sahar and was an amazing experience (spare the road from Bhubule to Besi Sahar) in fantastic weather. There wasn’t even any snow at the pass, which made the flat section at top highly runnable.

FYI: the MCAP/ACAP check points don’t care at all – you don’t even have to show up. The police check points were more strict. They required a name and phone number of the guide. However, a random Nepali name and phone number was just fine and there was not a lot of fuss.

Manaslu and Lho’s Ribung Gompa

Here is his itinerary with approximate distances:

Day 0: Manbu (near Arughat)
Day 1: Jagat (30 km)
Day 2: Namrung (35 km)
Day 3: Samagoan (15 km)
Day 4: Larki rest house (15 km)
Day 5: Kharche (22 km)
Day 6: Besi Sahar (50 km)

See his pictures of his 6-day Manaslu Trek via this link.


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