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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best all round tea-house hike in Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail; the new Annapurna Circuit. No camping needed.

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Why choose a local trekking guide?

As written here on the Great Himalaya Trail website:

Local trekking guides can make for a local experience. Whenever you go trekking, it’s always a good idea to see if your trekking crew have a local person on board. It’s not the same as speaking the language, and asking directions. It is more about knowing the place, knowing what and who is around the next corner, what happens where and the stories a place has to tell.

It’s not always easy to find one however! The most able people often leave the hills and head to the city or overseas for work. So it requires some effort – and only by trekkers asking their trekking companies about this, will more consistent, secure work as local guides begin to come about. Supply will follow demand. This in addition to useful training courses which help guides provide better services. (read more)

A list of local trekking guides for the Manaslu Trek

Well, we don’t have one yet! But we’d like your help to build one.

If you have used a guide from Gorkha district who you would like to recommend, we’d be very grateful if you would post information below so that others may use their services.

See also the Tsum Valley link in the comments below.

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