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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best all round tea-house hike in Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail; the new Annapurna Circuit. No camping needed.

Manaslu trek is ‘safe’ after the earthquake

It’s a shame that so many trekkers stayed away from the Manaslu Trek after the April 2015 earthquake. There was a big lack of information about the safety of trails and tea-houses until the end of September when the monsoon finished. Then, as the rains finally stopped, work began, and locals came out in force to improve their trails which are their lifeblood. Only in early October was it possible to give a realistic update.

Manaslu Trail Race report November 2015 – a write up from a participant of the Manaslu Trail Race in November 2015 with trail images. See what you were missing!

By 1st October, only 25 trekkers had passed by since April 25th. By November 8th, that figure was up to 500 or so.

Repairing trails affected by the earthquake on the Manaslu Trek in Nepal

Manaslu trek trail status after the earthquake

A main issue was the loss of a trail at Yaru, which is just before Jagat. It was washed away completely by the movement of the river. Then the only option was a trail via Uiya, which was dangerous. Then a small climb to Lakpal, as reported in the last update. Now there is a 3rd wooden bridge across the river, built on the 11th November, which is passable by mules now.

Bridge over the Budi Gandaki below Jagat (credit: Lizzy Hawker)

Bridge over small section of the Budi Gandaki below Jagat (credit: Lizzy Hawker)

So this part of the trail is much easier to navigate for trekkers, locals and mules too. Good news. Can any trek be called “safe”? Any activity in the mountains, or even in your home, carries risk. But the evidence now shows that the trek is manageable again for regular trekkers, and that there is enough safe accommodation too. For me it is safe and I would recommend as before to fit, experience trekkers with a sense of adventure. First timers or those looking for something less strenuous or more comfortable can go to Everest or Annapurna.

In a home in Samdo on the Manaslu Trek in Nepal

Beyond this area, the trails are in really good condition. The detour near Namrung has been really well improved. On the way to Lapu, there trails are still hard work, but entirely passable. Don’t wait around on landslides of course, and the same applies in the French Alps or anywhere else.

Moving a boulder on a road in Nepal on Manaslu trek to get the bus to Soti past.

Manaslu trail race

25 runners just completed the tour of Manaslu as a race. If they can do it running, you can do it trekking. The race included side trips to Hinang Gompa, Pungyen Gompa and Manaslu Base Camp. All very worthwhile to do.

Running from Manaslu Base Camp

Manaslu Trail Race group at Birendra Tal

Enjoy your Trek in 2016! Send us an email if interested to know more.

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