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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best all round tea-house hike in Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail; the new Annapurna Circuit. No camping needed.

Steven Venebles shares his Manaslu Trek Journey

Stephen Venables was the first Briton to climb Everest without supplementary oxygen. And he is a very nice guy indeed. This is his article in the Financial Times.

It’s really nicely written, and his accompanying photos show he’s as good a photographer as writer, and show too that he has a great eye for details.

Did you know you could see a chameleon on the Manaslu Trek? And have you seen a Pika before?

A chameleon on the Manaslu Trek taken by Stephen Venables. Click for his other photos.

His group started the trek at “the former royal capital of Gorkha,” and continues that, “The advantage of starting here is that you break yourself in gently, descending through a domestic landscape, lush with banana palms and rice paddies, busy with adults working the fields and children walking to and from school.” Consider that when planning your trek in. 

He refers also to the flora he was able to see,

“Even for a very inexpert floral trainspotter like me, this walk was a journey of delight, progressing gradually through different botanical zones. On the fourth day I saw the first clematis, the next day roses and daphne. By the sixth day we were climbing through a temperate forest of oak, cherry, walnut and rhododendron, carpeted with intensely blue delphiniums.”

It sounds pretty good. It sounds also like he went a little early in the season, perhaps mid-September, when the monsoon still had some water left in it.

Please visit the Financial Times website and read all of this delightful article on the Manaslu Trek.


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