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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best all round tea-house hike in Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail; the new Annapurna Circuit. No camping needed.

Kutang, Manaslu, “Mountain of the Spirit”

Kutang - Manaslu Trek © Jerome Gublin 2010

When you search for photography books or any books for that matter with the keyword ‘Manaslu‘ you come up with very little indeed. Bidur, the manager of Vajra Bookshop in Kathmandu could only point to two academic books, but of photographs, “None!” he explained, “You should go and make one and be the first!”

However Jerome Gublin, a French photographer, has indeed already made one book with fabulous pictures from the Manaslu Circuit, called Kutang. We contacted him to explain why he chose the Manaslu Trek and not any other. Here is what he said:

When I decided to come back Nepal after my first trek in the Annapurnas 12 years ago, I was confronted to about endless possibilities.

I first wanted a tented trek away from the crowds. I thought Manaslu.
I also wanted to avoid chaotic domestic flights. I thought Manaslu.
Then I wanted a cultural experience, not only a walk from village to village. Manaslu again.
Finally I wanted to approach Tibetan culture without going Tibet. Manaslu one more time.

A lot of people, from trekking agencies to independent trekkers, will tell you that their trek is the best. There trek is not better than any other in Nepal; it just depends on your state of mind and Manaslu Circuit will more than probably change it forever.

Kutang - Manaslu Trek © Jerome Gublin 2010

Kutang - Manaslu Trek © Jerome Gublin 2010

You can see the “Kutang, Around Manaslu Nepal” book online on the website.

Click to view a preview of the "Kutang. Around Manaslu Nepal" book online

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