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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best all round tea-house hike in Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail; the new Annapurna Circuit. No camping needed.

Woven Textiles from the Nupri Valley, Nepal

If you’ve trekked the Manaslu Trek, you might wonder if it is possible to buy something from the area to keep as a souvenir. One thing that women from Nubri (Nupri), the area of the higher reaches of the Budi Gandaki do make is woven blankets and aprons.

One organisation in Kathmandu gathers these blankets and markets them for sale, they say:

For centuries, villagers from the Nupri valley in Gorkha district (north of Manaslu) have produced beautiful woolen textiles.  Nupri valley textiles are produced as Tsuk-druk – rugs for sitting and sleeping on or under; and Nambu – woven cloth used for aprons, blankets and bags.

We offer both Tsuk-druk and Nampu that were either woven in the Nupri valley and brought down to Kathmandu or woven by Nupri women living in Kathmandu.

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